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Pole Sweat

Pole Sweat is a small chain of gyms that teaches women how to pole dance. It's not an open gym, in the sense that you have to follow a class, and you can attend no matter if you are professional, experienced or a novice at pole dancing.

They want a logo that in no way looks stripper related, but resembles a professional gym. A wordmark or combination mark is required, and they have made it very clear that they don't want an image of a woman, not even as a silhouette, in the logo. The logo should neither look feminine nor masculine but as gender neutral as possible. You are free to pick a color that you think suits the purpose, but only a single color, and no gradients or shadows.


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A daily challenge

Every day you can come by this website and find a new logo design brief. These are relatively short but reflects some of the most important parts of a real design brief. The design briefs are meant to be used for practice purposes, to learn how to meet specific requirements from a client, like designing for a specific target audience or a certain use case, etc. Like the rest of this website, these briefs are also meant for you to be able to practice on a daily basis and hone your skills to prepare for real clients, or in between clients.

Most websites offering daily design briefs do this by sending them out by email, but I've decided against this, for a couple of reasons. I don't want to force anyone to sign up for anything to be able to use these briefs, and I also don't want to "spam" your inboxes with a new brief every day. Instead, you can come by this website whenever you are up for a new challenge, and eventually, I will implement the possibility to sign up for a daily/weekly/monthly notification, reminding you to come back for new briefs, so you don't forget.

Even though these briefs are short, coming up with them takes time and effort. The goal is to keep adding new briefs regularly, and currently there are 47 unique briefs.