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What is this for?

Practice is the key to improving your logo design skills, and lots of it. Most people will advise you to practice by designing logos for fake companies, and so will I, but coming up with fake company names can be quite difficult, especially if you are motivated to practice daily and have to come up with a lot of names regularly.

To help you out, I’ve developed this random name generator. It’s by no means perfect, and it will generator some odd names from time to time, but it’s free, and it can help you out immensely.

When designing logos for practice, it’s easy to jump to the next fake client if the previous was a bit hard to come up with a cool concept for. With a free name generator, even easier, but do yourself a favor, when you pick a company name, stick to it for at least an hour, no matter how hard it is, you need to challenge yourself, and it is a lot more rewarding to succeed in designing a logo that was challenging.