Quick tip: Slogans and taglines

When you need to add a slogan or a tagline to a logo, it’s important to keep it at the bottom of the visual hierarchy, so it doesn’t steal focus from the more important elements. These are some basic tips on how to achieve this easily.

I’ve used the random name generator to come up with a fake company name and added a slogan to it.

In this first example, I’ve used the exact same font for the name and the slogan as our starting point, and obviously, this doesn’t work. There is no visual hierarchy, but creating it is easy, and we have several ways to achieve it.


Working with scale is one of our options to create hierarchy, and simply by scaling the slogan down, whilst keeping the same typeface and weight, instantly achieves this.


Weight is also a great way to create contrast and hierarchy, but usually, the weight alone doesn’t work.

In this example, I’ve kept the same typeface and size, while only changing the weight, and even though there is contrast between the name and the slogan, and more emphasis on the name, the slogan is still stealing too much focus from the name. However, if we combine the use of weight with scale, the result is incredible.


Tracking, or letter spacing if you will, is another great tool at our disposal. As with weight, tracking alone won’t do the trick. In the first example, I’ve kept the same typeface and weight for the name and the slogan, but scaled the slogan down and added tracking to it. This result is also pretty great, but you can push it even further by decreasing the weight as well.

If the slogan or tagline is really long, be careful with the tracking, as this will make it even longer, and scaling it down to fit the name might end up making it unreadable. The good news is that for long slogans and taglines, scale and weight is usually enough to achieve a great result.

Bonus tip

If your name is written with a condensed typeface, a good rule of thumb is to use a wider typeface for the slogan or tagline, as it creates far better contrast and hierarchy doing this.

There is obviously more to this topic, but I hope these quick tips will be a help to get started adding slogans and taglines to your work.

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